In October 2023, LONAKO’s aviation survival locator light attained EASA ETSOA approval.


LONAKO celebrated its 20th anniversary since it was established in 2002.


Amidst the challenges posed by the COVID-19 pandemic, LONAKO not only prioritized the safety and health of all employees but also ensured the uninterrupted supply and delivery of all orders. Our resilience allowed us to maintain a growth trajectory, fostering an environment of continuous innovation and reform.


Our aviation survivor locator light gained FAA approval in 2018. Our annual sales quantity of lifesaving lights soared to an impressive 1 million units per year.


Initiating the civil aviation product quality management system, we achieved a milestone as our first aviation survivor locator light received certification from CAAC.


Embracing a spirit of positive innovation, we proudly developed over 40 certified lifesaving lights. Our unwavering commitment to professionalism and reliable product quality has garnered the trust of customers globally. Simultaneously, this period laid a strong technical foundation for our foray into civil aviation survivor locator lights.


LONAKO achieved a significant milestone by securing MED certification for our first LED lifejacket light. This accomplishment positions our company as the trailblazer in successfully developing LED marine lifejacket lights. Additionally, we take pride in being the first to introduce a complete series of LED lifesaving lights, encompassing lifejacket lights, lifebuoy lights and liferaft lights.


Pioneering high-power LED research, we innovatively tackled the 180-degree wide-angle beaming issue. We started to integrated our 180-degree illumination angle LED to marine lifejacket lights.


LONAKO is established in 2002, and the business initially focused on circuit board design and the production of auto parts. Over time, our scope expanded to include services in household appliances design, certification, and the full spectrum of production and sales.