2020~ Now

During the COVID pandemic, Lonako have not only successfully ensure all employees safety and health. But also guarantee all order`s supply and delivery, stay a growth trend and keep innovation and reform. 


Aviation Survivor locator light has been approved by FAA in 2018. Annual sales qty of lifesaing lights reach remarkable ONE million pcs.


Start performing civil aviation product quality management system, the first aviation lifesaving positioning lamp was certified by CAAC.


Through the spirit of positive innovation, we have developed more than 40 life-saving lamps which have been certified. Through professional rigorous attitude and reliable product quality, we have gradually won the trust of customers at home and abroad. At the same stage, we have laid a good technical foundation for entering the field of civil aviation life-saving lamps.


The first LONAKO LED lifejacket light obtained MED certification, and makes the company became the first ones who successfully developed of LED type marine lifejacket light, and the first one developed full series of LED type lifesaving lights including lifejacket lights, lifebuoy lights and liferaft lights.


R&D of high-power LED; and start to solve the problem of LED 180 degree wide-angle beaming problem, to apply to marine life-saving signal light, Lead the life-saving signal light industry reform by LED technology.


The company was founded since 2002, main business was circuit board design and auto parts, household appliances design, certification, production and sales..