"Bobing" is a unique custom to celebrate the Mid-Autumn Festival in southern Fujian. On the afternoon of September 9, the 2022 Lonako Bobing activity for Mid-Autumn Festival was successfully held at the factory. It was divided into 6 groups, and each group was richly prepared gifts. When the first dice was put into the bowl, the rolling dice fell together and affected everyone's nerves. The dice fell and the laughter started. All Lonako people gather together to express the joy of autumn, share the cake-making culture.

In the intense competition, there are rich prizes, ranging from small exquisite daily necessities to large smart household appliances, each gift makes everyone excited. The lively environment, tense atmosphere, cheers and screams from time to time made the whole activity exciting.

With the joy of harvesting, the Mid-Autumn Festival of ‘Bobing’ Lonako came to a successful conclusion. Finally, the Lonako team wishes everyone a happy Mid-Autumn Festival!