"Exercise, Healthy, Happy"  LONAKO fun sports meeting


Before 2022 Labor`s Day eve, in order to enrich the amateur cultural and sports life of employees and improve the spirit of teamwork. Lonako Labor union orgnised a fun sports meeting from 14:00-16:00 pm on February 4, 29, 2022.


There are 6 events in this game. Despite the weather being hot, everyone was still in high spirits, racing against time to practice the competition items and earnestly prepare for the competition. Everyone had a lot of fun. Many of the competitions were extremely intense. The participating players were in high spirits, and the players were cheering. The scene was very lively. The entire game was full of fun and challenges. The staff tracked and recorded the process of the game and captured every wonderful moment!




The competition ended in an exciting and happy atmosphere, and the first group also won the first place. Won the rich and heavy first prize rice. Through this competition, the team spirit of each group has been fully exerted, and stimulated the enthusiasm of the majority of employees to participate in sports. While exercising, we deepened our emotions and communication. Everyone said that they should organize more such activities, and hope that the union activities will be better and better, the company's business will be booming, and LONAKO will be the international leading brand of life-saving security products(Lifejacket light, Lifebuoy light, Liferaft light)!