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Participated Charity Activities! LONAKO funding choirs for Xiamen Special Education School

Participated Charity Activities! LONAKO funding choirs for Xiamen Special Education School
Jan 17 ,2019

As the company continues to develop, we are increasingly aware of the importance of the company's society responsibility, and take actions to participating charity activities. To this end, the company's management department actively look for relative sources at the end of 2018, and successfully reached an agreement with the Xiamen Special Education School to jointly establish "Lang Xing Choirs." The choirs will be funded by Lonako, Xiamen special education school shall organize students` preparations. When timing is suitable, The Lang Xing choirs and Lonako employee choirs will jointly together to practicing and participate in relevant performances. Such activities will allow the Lonako company's full participation in the social charity and public welfare undertakings, and enhance the sense of social responsibility of all employees.

On January 15, 2019, Tinglun Wu--GM of Xiamen Lonako, Windy Zhou-Deputy GM and Jaime Wu, Johnny Zhang were invited to visit the Xiamen Special Education School and meanwhile participated in the annually school event -- Southern Fujian Culture Festival. As soon as we walked into the campus, we felt full of humanistic education, harmony and fraternity.

Our visit was warmly received by the school. Under the guidance of the school's principal and teacher, we learned about the basic situation of the school and watched the children's art works shown in the school's “Southern Fujian Culture Festival”: Southern Fujian traditional brick carving, Pastry, Oil painting, Gardening, Crafts, Lacquer painting... Every piece of the crafts is so amazing! Just as Miss Windy mentioned: "God closes a door for you, and will certainly open a window for you." If these crafts do not been indicate the source, people will certainly think that they were works from some anonymous masters. And it is hard to believe that these are from the hands of children, and unfortunate disabled children who are hoarse or autism. After we saw these beautiful works and learned that the school have designed various professional courses according to the different strengths and hobbies of the children. It makes us firmly believe that these extraordinary children can work hard to live their extraordinary lives under the care of the school, parents and society. This also makes us feel more gratified and encouraged for contributing to our own efforts!

After the tour, the company representatives and the school representatives conducted a friendly and in-depth negotiation on the establishment of the "Lang Xing Choirs" and reached important consensus. The two parties cooperated to jointly establish "Lang Xing Choirs" for the children in the school. The Lonako will funding the school to hire a professional chorus conductor for the choirs. By doing so it will enrich the children's after-school life, cultivate children's musical interests and hobbies, and develop the soul of the children in the way of music. When the time is right, we can arrange the children's "Lang Xing Choirs" to actively participate in the chorus activities of other ordinary schools. Or join the Lonako employee choirs to form a group and participate in other social chorus activities. This will increase the chances of these special children to build contact with society, enhance their self-confidence and exercise their social skills. Beside co-construction choirs, the company and the school will actively explore other modes of assistance in the future, such as launching suitable Lonako employees to participate in school teaching assistants. To create more conditions for the employees of Lonako to personally participate in public welfare activities, so as to enhance employees' sense of social responsibility, sense of responsibility and empathy.

Subsequently, Lonako and his party participated in the school committee held on the same day. At the meeting, Deputy GM of LONAKO Windy Zhou, President Chen of the school and the Representative of student parents formally signed the "Lang Xing Choirs" tripartite agreement and announced the official establishment of the chorus.

Actively participated charity activities, give back to the society community! Lonako people are taking their actions~

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