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LONAKO Organized CHINA Lifesaving Light Industry Seminar

LONAKO Organized CHINA Lifesaving Light Industry Seminar
Aug 10 ,2019

As Chinese benchmarking Lifesaving light company, Xiamen LONAKO Industry & Trade Co.,Ltd. had organized "CHINA Lifesaving Light Industry Seminar" in 2019.08.06. To improve the whole Chinese lifesaving lights product's quality. The Seminar has not only invited other famous Chinese lifesaving applicant manufacture,but also invited related Chinese Marine organizations such as PRC Maritime Safety Agency, CCS Xiamen, CCS Jiangsu, RINA Shanghai.

The Seminar have been successfully held, and below was the summary for reference to who may concerned.

Summary of the meeting on the "CHINA Lifesaving Light Industry Seminar"

To the lifesaving equipment manufacturing and operating units:

The “Lifesaving Light Industry Seminar” hosted by LONAKO was held in Xiamen from August 6th to 8th, 2019 and successfully concluded. Thanks to the active participation and strong support of the following units at this meeting!

The agenda of this meeting is as follows:

In this meeting, the participant had lively discussions and in-depth exchanges from the following four aspects:

1.  Through the on-site test, analysis of part lifesaving light’ design defects and illustration of fake products’ harm, the manufacturer's awareness of strict control of product quality and conscious improvement of product defects has been improved;

2.  Through explanation of the process of applying for certification and management after obtaining the certification by Certification Authority, and the description of the test requirements and the unqualified phenomena found in the test by Testing Organization, manufacturers observe the rules of certificate and inspect the products more standardly;

3.  Through the on-site learning and explanation of the Lonako’s lifejacket light manufacturing  process, help peers to obtain effective measures of process improvement and quality control; the sharing product design experience from Lonako provide solution for peers to solve design flaws;

4.  Through the analysis of counterfeiting issue and the prediction of the development prospects in the lifesaving industry, peers’ cooperation consciousness has been strengthened, and the consensus on jointly fighting fake products and establishing industry associations has been reached.

The meeting reached the following resolution by a show of hands:

1. We hope that the Supervisory Authority can reinforce the strength of executing the law, and punish severely manufacturers who produce unqualified and fake products. Then the increased illegal costs can prevent market from disruption.

2. Organize lifesaving and fire-fighting manufacturers to found the "Ship LifeSaving Fire Industry Association". Once such association established, we can strengthen manufacturers’ exchanges, regulate industry’s self-discipline and supervision, improve the overall level of the industry, and resist bad manufacturers produce fake goods at the same time.

As for the above resolution, Lonako, as the organizer of this seminar, will actively transmit this information to relevant departments and Authorities, and strive to facilitate its implementation. When we need assistance from the relevant units, we also hope to get everyone's support.

Thank you for participating in this seminar during your busy schedule again. We hope to take this seminar as a starting point to continuously enrich more forms of activities in the industry .It will promote the development of the industry, so that there are more opportunities for mutual learning and communication among peers. We will contribute to the long-term development of the industry together.


Xiamen Lonako Industry & Trade Co., Ltd.

August 9, 2019

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