LONAKO Held A Big Ceremony to Celebrates It`s 15th Anniversary

LONAKO Held A Big Ceremony to Celebrates It`s 15th Anniversary
Jun 28 ,2018

December 16, 2017 marks the 15th anniversary for Lonako, which is grown from a small manufacturing company to an internationally recognized supplier of life saving lights since founding in 2002. To celebrate, Lonako invited customers, some suppliers, all employees and the relatives totally more than 160 people to attend this anniversary.

Lonako reviewed the past 15 years' development by showing employees' pictures and innovative products via PPT at the scene, which made us moved. The representatives of customer, supplier and family, all shared their feelings and offered congratulations on Lonako achievements made today and the blessing of future development.

The general manager of the company Mr. Wu Tinglun made a speech, mainly retraced the past 15 years' exploration road and the pursuit of progress. At present, Lonako is a famous brand in international market. In the last two years in the process of developing survivor location lights used in aviation, the whole team showed more professional and efficient ability. There is a goal "whether you are in a boat or airplane, the life saving light in your side will be made by Lonako ", we are dedicated to achieve this.

60% employees of Lonako are working in the company more than three years; 30% is more than five years; some employees are working here since the company was established. They witnessed a complete development. In order to thank the staff for their hard work, the company prepared a silver commemorative coin for each employee. Everyone was excited when received the coin. In the course of the fifteen years of development, we also got support from all customers, suppliers , friends and families, so the general manager led the staff to bow to all the guests to express our most sincere gratitude.

Lonako chorus sang five songs totally which respectively are "My dream" ,"Rong Hua" ,"The Pear Flower Bloom Again" , "Descendants of the Dragon" and "Loved one family". The songs expressed our excitement and joy at this special moment. In addition, guests also performed wonderful shows and received warm applause.

Looking back on the past, we are proud of it; looking forward to the future, we are full of confidence. We have already made achievements in this field. We believe we will have more bright future.

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