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Lifebuoy lights 76 meters drop test

Lifebuoy lights 76 meters drop test
Sep 29 ,2019

To make the reliable lights, all LONAKO life-saving lights not only meet relevant standards & regulations, but also far exceeded standard requirements.

At present, SOLAS MSC81.(70) only requires 30m drop height of the lifebuoy lights. But in actual application scenarios, many large ships or platforms are much higher than 30 meters. Therefore, many lifebuoy lights on the market claim they are qualified for 76 meters drop height. However, after in-depth research, LONAKO found that it is difficult to find a 76-meter drop test condition in both professional laboratories and real life.

In a professional and precise manner, LONAKO is determined to overcome difficulties and find a test point that meet the conditions. Hard work pays off, after a large number of search, we finally find a bungee place in Fuzhou, which reaches the water level of about 78 meters. It’s an ideal test place that satisfies the conditions.

LONAKO immediately organized engineers and QC staff to form an experimental group, head for the test point to test on September 26, 2019.

Through random sampling, LONAKO lifebuoy lights of four types (LNK-LB-01B, LNK-LB-02B, LNK-LB-03B, M3 (ODM) were taken part to test. All lifebuoy lights met 76 meters water surface drop and proper functioning.

Therefore, LONAKO was glad to announce that all lifebuoy lights of LONAKO meet the 76m water surface drop after field testing. Chose LONAKO, chose safety.

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