LNK-PL-RGW Solar Positioning Light
• Pure solar power No wire connection required
• Waterproof IP67 degree
• 3 Controlling methods:   1) Manual switches     2) Remote control   3) AUTO Light sensor
• Multi-function:OFF standby- AUTO light sensor flashing(White flashing) - Tricolor steady-Red,Green steady-White single flashing -  SOS -White steady
• Working time after fully recharged:
   >Flashing light≥150hrs
   >steady light≥12hrs
   >SOS ≥20hrs
• CE and FCC certified
LNK-PL-RGW Solar Positioning Light
LONAKO series positioning lights with the functions of indicating position SOS or illuminating by emitting flashing or steady light are suitable to be installed on any object requiring position indicating. The lithium batteries can be recharged by solar power. Each type of light has different functions and all the functions can be circularly changed by manual switch and wireless remote according to the requirements of situations and weather. LONAKO positioning lights are suitable to applied on small ships yachts fish boats wharfs berths houses  garden,and so on especially for the environment of ample sunshine. 

Light source:                                  LED

Activation of the first function:    Automatic light sensor controlling

Activation of the other function:  Manual switch and wireless remote

Remote-controlled Distance          20 meters

·Chromaticity:                                 Red, green and white

·Battery:                                          bulit-in lithium battery

·Max. Visual Distance:                    Tricolor steady>1.0n mile

                                                       White flashing>3.0n mile

                                                       White steady>2.0n mile

·Max. Continuous Working Time:    Steady>12h   



·Working and Storing Temperature: -30℃ ~ +65℃ (-22 ~+149℉)

·Dimension:                                    Main body 115*73.2mm

·Weight Per Individual Package:     345g

·Ingress Protection:                         IP67 (Remote is not waterproof)

·Approval:                                     FCC & CE

Performance                                   UV-resistant, Fire-resistant, Oil-resistant, Mould-proof, Corrosion-proof

Guarantee                                      1 year under normal usage & condition

Recharging  Efficiency              Solar power(take about 3days of strong sunlight to fully recharge the battery)

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