LNK-PL-W Solar Power Backup Anchor light

 Pure solar power, No wire connection required
 Waterproof, IP67 degree
3 Controlling methods:
     1) Manual switches
     2) Remote control
     3) AUTO Light sensor 
Multi-function:AUTO light sensor flashing- White flashing- SOS- White steady -OFF
Working time after fully recharged:
   Flashing light≥150hrs
   steady light≥12hrs
   SOS ≥20hrs
 CE and FCC certified

LNK-PL-W Solar Power Backup Anchor light

LONAKO LNK-PL-W White light color solar positioning lights, have a visual distance > 2 nautical miles. It is an wireless SOLAR small boat anchor light, all-round light for small vessels<12 meters. Fit COLREGS72 requirements. Ideal light for yachts, fishing boats or sailing boats. It especially suitable for the environment of ample sunshine.


                                                                      Light source:                                 LED 

Chromaticity:                                 White 

Battery:                                          Rechargeable lithium battery 

Max. Visual Distance:                     White light > 2.0n mile 

Max. Continuous Working Time:    Flashing > 150h
                                                        SOS > 20h
                                                        Steady > 12h 

Working and storing temperature:  -30℃ ~ +65℃                                                                                                                 Dimension:                                     

Main body 115*73.2mm 

Weight Per Individual Package:     431g                                                                                                                 Ingress 

Protection:                         IP67 

Approval:                                     FCC & CE
Performance                                   UV-resistant, Fire-resistant, Oil-resistant, Mould-proof, Corrosion-proof
Guarantee                                      1 year under normal usage & condition.
Weight Per Individual Package:     345g
Remote-controlled Distance          No less than 20m
Recharging  Efficiency:        Solar power(take about 3days / 24hrs under strong sunlight to fully recharge)    

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