1. In order to strengthen the safety awareness of all LONAKO employees, make safety production normal and long-term, and ensure the safety of employees lives and property, LOANKO organized the third quarter safety training and fire drill from J

  2. By end of June 2021, with the MED certificates finally got approved. We have completed the development of new LED type Lifeboat lights (Internal and external). And we are pleased to announce it is now officially launching in the market and

  3. After friendly communication with White Wave Sailing Centera certified cruise sailing boat course training school of RYA(Royal Yachting Association)sailing boat training. Xiamen Lonako Industry Trade Co., ltd. Sponsoring them some SOLAS

  4. -By Apr 09 ,2021 From April 1 to April 3, 2021, the 25th China (Shanghai) International Boat and Technical Equipment Exhibition and 2021 Shanghai International Boat Show (CIBS) officially opened at the Shanghai World Expo Exhibition and Con

  5. Jun 07 ,2021 The summer is coming, the hot and humid weather inevitably hides many safety hazards. In order to strengthen the fire safety awareness of all employees of the company, at 12:30 pm on Friday, June 4, 2021, LONAKO organized the s

  6. -By Jan 15 ,2021 Safety matters! The pandemic is not over and precaution measures should not be slack off! Recently, there are new cases been found in some other Chinese cities here and there. With the dry and cold whether undergoing and Lu

  7. -- By Feb 10 ,2021 In China, Lunar New Year is one of the most important festivals. With the Lunar New Year approaching, Lonako company prepared special purchasing gift boxes which contain a lot of snacks and delicious food for every employ

  8. -By Feb 21 ,2020 We are pleased to announce the new product: LNK-ERS1 Electronic Rescue Signal Light is officially launched in the market and ready to take bulk order. It is a portable life-saving signal device that comply with USCG161.013

  9. By Feb 13 ,2020 During last Lunar New Year holiday, when people immerse in the harmonious atmosphere to celebrate the Spring festival. A sudden outbreak of COVID-19 attacked Wuhan city and quickly spread across the country. This not only be

  10. By Jun 29 ,2020 As the domestic epidemic situation is gradually under control. LONAKO ensure safety by action and sang to inspire people. LONAKO as a socially responsible enterprise has been following the instructions of the government to e