Hi everyone,greeting from LONAKO.
Recently we have received some complaint from European market about our Solar positioning light will turn to auto flashing without their notice. It annoying neighbors and residents. So I'd like to clarify this matter today and try to provide some tips to solve the problem.
Firs of all, the light do have a "AUTO light sensor control "level in its function sequences. By this function, the light will automatically turn off by day. Turn on at night time, at flashing white light.
Secondly, Because have a default setting. Which the power is low, the light will jump to AUTO flashing itself. This is a deliberate design Aiming to provide longer time indicating light for a Non-power driver vessel in the beginning. Since we received this complaint, we have complete the modification here, start from July,2021 . The light with new modified batch won`t switch to AUTO flashing model when the power is low. It can be turned off by remote.
But for the users who bought previous version, we provide below suggestions to avoid the similar problem.
Remember! we can always totally turn of the light if we want to. Just press the "POWER" button on the bottom of light will do.But, for sailboats and vessels with tall masts, users may find it difficult to do so.
In this case we can change the mounting position to a lower place. If you prefer to leave it on the top of the mast. Then you will be suggested to "manage" the using hrs of steady light and switch it to "OFF" status when they leave their boat to make sure the lights always has enough power.(Since it’s solar recharge. It takes 3 days sunny day to fully charge the battery, after fully charged it could only last 12hrs in Steady light, but if in flashing type it could last 150hrs)
Make sure the light always have enough power, then it won`t switch to AUTO flashing function by itself. We felt very sorry about this matter if causes any convenience, Hope those small tips will help a little! For any questions you can always feel free to contact us.