Jun 07 ,2021
The summer is coming, the hot and humid weather inevitably hides many safety hazards. In order to strengthen the fire safety awareness of all employees of the company, at 12:30 pm on Friday, June 4, 2021, LONAKO organized the second quarter fire safety knowledge explanation and practical. Manager Qiu of the Manufacturing Department gave an in-depth explanation of the use of fire-fighting equipment at the workshop site and corridor performances, and demonstrated the essentials of the action.  
At 16:40, a rapid alarm sounded. All LONAKO employees immediately covered their noses and mouths with their cuffs, bent over and escaped quickly and orderly. The exercise took 1 minutes and 50 seconds. With the successful completion of the fire-fighting evacuation drill, all LONAKO employees have improved their fire safety awareness and enhanced fire-fighting self-rescue skills, which will play a positive role in promoting future production safety and family safety.
After the evacuation training is over, Manager Qiu of the Manufacturing Department called on everyone to learn and master fire safety knowledge and enhance their awareness of fire safety; once a fire is discovered, they must deal with it calmly and do a good job in safety precautions. It will provide effective practical experience for future efficient and orderly emergency work, and also lay a solid safety foundation for daily production work!