-By Jan 15 ,2021
Safety matters! The pandemic is not over and precaution measures should not be slack off!  
Recently, there are new cases been found in some other Chinese cities here and there. With the dry and cold whether undergoing and Lunar new year holiday approaching us. The threat of virus to what we have achieved so far is tremendous!
Even XIAMEN City still remains ZERO new local cases so far. Due to the circumstances, precaution measures to prevent the COVID should be taken right away.
For the safety concern of our employees and social responsibility from a company perspective. LONAKO have recovered all the Anti-COVID precaution measures exactly same to Feb. 2020 status. We have been through with the toughest time, so we do have confidence to WIN this 2nd round as well.

With all these precautions taken, the company`s production activities will remain un-affected, all the orders will be delivered on time.