By Feb 13 ,2020
During last Lunar New Year holiday, when people immerse in the harmonious atmosphere to celebrate the Spring festival. A sudden outbreak of COVID-19 attacked Wuhan city and quickly spread across the country. This not only became a big threat to people's health, but also caused huge impact people's lives and the normal operation of society.

As the epidemic outbreaking, all parties of the society are responding quickly, and under the unified planning and command of the Chinese government, the battle of fight against COVID-19 is on.
In this battle of people against COVID-19, Lonako planed according strategy in advance and deployed epidemic prevention work such as protection, disinfection and self-isolation observation of workers return from outland. By 10th Feb 2020, we already recover our production under government`s guidance and supervision.
Ensure good health condition of all the employees of the company is the best contribution to the victory of this epidemic fighting. Meanwhile, we will do our best to complete our customer`s orders with good quantity and on time delivery.