By Jun 29 ,2020
As the domestic epidemic situation is gradually under control. LONAKO ensure safety by action and sang to inspire people. LONAKO as a socially responsible enterprise has been following the instructions of the government to ensure safety while stabilizing production. LONAKO resumed weekly choral training in the company under the control of the epidemic and added daily morning singing activities. Chorus as the most effective means of "cohesion" in music activities, makes the team burst out with a positive style. In the accumulated chorus, not only training the musical expression of all the employees of LONAKO, but also stimulating the team spirit of LONAKO.

During this period, we sang one after another inspirational song, "Thanksgiving", "Dawn", "Tomorrow will be better", "Make the world full of love" In the most difficult period, we pay tribute to the people who contribute to society, and express love with singing. Thanksgiving heart, thank you.