By Jan 29 ,2020
Dear Customers & Friends,
As you might aware there is a coronavirus striking China recently – some rare fever and pneumonia patients (latterly confirmed caused by a new 2019 coronavirus) have been reported in Wuhan City at early December 2019. And this infection disease starts outbreak about 10 days ago. Here are some facts and real anti-epidemic situation in china, we would like to share with you:
1, The main epidemic city is Wuhan, but the city has been quarantined since 23rd Jan 2019.
2, All the communities in the rest places of china are setting check points in the main entrance to monitoring people`s body temperature. (people are free to go in and out or anywhere they want to, just need take 2s to test temperature and make sure everything is fine).
3, To prevent virus spreading, everybody are volunteered or advised to cancel unnecessary parties and meetings. Besides that, no other activities have been influenced or limited.
We may have spent a spring festival less of some fun. But everything is under control and the virus spreading has been efficiently contained. Please believe in us, with our remarkable national wide implementation capacity and our advanced medical care system. Chinese people have the confidence and absolutely ability to contain and overcome this un-expected coronavirus soon.
As the order delivery time influence you may concern. We are trying our best to minimize the impact, most of LONAKO employees have returned to Xiamen (our factory location) these two days before the holiday ends. So that we can get back to work on time and ensure the order delivery. We will keep you informed if anything happening!
And please don`t worry, we will take care of the environment and employees` health meanwhile. All the necessary cleaning,monitoring and protection actions will proceed as National and City Health commission required.