--By Jun 09 ,2020
The QMS is the foundation and guarantee for a company's development. Lonako has always valued the company's quality management system conduct. At the present, our company have integrated and carried three QMS at same time (ISO9001, ATEX Ex products, and civil aviation QMS). And have always maintained at least 5 to 7 management personnel with internal auditor qualifications.
But in order to improve the company's system management to a new level, Lonako organized a Special session of ISO9001 QMS Auditors` Training lesson target to all the rest of company management staffs who don`t qualified as internal QMS auditor yet. The lesson was carried by Xiamen Fangyuan Quality Certification Audit Center from May 22, 2020 to May 23, 2020.

The main course content of this training includes: IS09001 overview, seven principles of quality management, definition of standards, description of standards and internal audit of quality management system, etc. During the training process, teacher Zhang Kunbin of Fangyuan Quality Certification Audit Center conducted the combination of standards and common audit cases Training.

There are not only case analysis, group interaction and other content, but also practice links; the training pays more attention to the improvement of the students' actual ability, analyzes the common problems in the system implementation process, and guides the internal auditors to conduct document reviews, write checklists, and audit skills In the training and case analysis, everyone actively participated in this training and improved the audit knowledge and system management level of the students.

After the training, all management staffs have taken the internal auditor test. Everyone have pass the test with excellent grade and obtained the internal auditor qualification certificate for ISO9001:2015. It represents whole present Lonako management team was qualified as ISO internal auditor. And have a deeper understanding of the system standards, and have clarified the key points and improvement directions in the follow-up system work.

Therefore, it is more conducive to the participation of all employees to improve the company's quality system, providing guarantee for the company's standardized management capabilities and focus on product quality. In the future, we will continue to keep effects, taking "outstanding performance to promote sustainable development" as our management strategy, to make LONAKO gradually grow into a benchmarking company of lifesaving lights industry in the world.