By Dec 27 ,2019
In order to create a healthy and active atmosphere, enrich the leisure life of employees, and enhance the friendship between colleagues, LONAKO basketball team signed up for the 2019 "Entrepreneurship Cup" basketball friendly match organized by the Xiamen Huli District Labor Union.

On Dec. 9,2019 , with the whistle of the referee, the 2019 "Entrepreneurship Cup" basketball friendly match officially opened. Each team have 3 matches in the group game stage, LONAKO basketball team was scheduled on 12/9, 12/17, 12/20/2019, each of which was thrilling and fierce. Attach wonderful pictures of the game.

During the game, the players of both sides went all out to actively defend and attack, demonstrating proficient basketball skills and excellent competitive conditions. LONAKO team adjusted the tactics in time according to the situation of the opponent, and kept the score continuously increasing, the game gets more intense. At the same time, the cheerleaders also shouted and cheered for them. Cheers, and shouts around the spot, fully showing the good spirit of the team members forging ahead
Friendship first, competition second, this "Entrepreneurship Cup" basketball friendship match is an event of friendly exchanges between the colleagues and companies. Apart from the intense work, it can activate the atmosphere, relax the spirit, and use basketball as a medium to promote with friendship, also left a good memory!

Through this friendship match, we learn about only when each member can maximize their potential and work together on the basis of common goals, can the team's overall power be generated more effect. Only when you understand the importance of teamwork, overall awareness, and collaboration can you do your work perfectly!