Firefighting skill competition organized by city labor union

Firefighting skill competition organized by city labor union
Oct 30 ,2019

In order to enhance employees' fire safety awareness, LONAKO participated in the 25th employee firefighting skill competition organized by the Xiamen Huli District Labor Union. There are 18 companies signed up for this event.

At 14:30 on October 23, each participating company gathers at the designated place. The organizer explained the details of the competition and conducted on-site demonstrations. This competition is divided into two projects. One is dry fire extinguisher integrated fire extinguishing and the other is water gun shooting.  Five employees were selected from each company to participate in the competition, including one team leader and four team members (two female players); two teams were formed, and each team participated in one of the competitions.

Once the competition started, the participants are all in an orderly manner and operate quickly. After a fierce competition, the ranking of the game has come out. With the team's skilled operation and concerted efforts, LONAKO team has won the third prize.

Through this activity, employees not only become more proficient in the use of fire-fighting equipment such as fire extinguishers, but also promote the employees' fire safety awareness.

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