Employees voluntarily sign up for blood donation activities

Employees voluntarily sign up for blood donation activities
May 29 ,2020
In order to promote the spirit of uncompensated blood donation of "Benevolence, Humanity, Dedication and Harmony" and overcome the epidemic with practical actions, Xiamen LONAKO employees actively signed up for the blood donation activity carried out by Xiamen Blood Station in the Pioneer Park Park on May 19.

At 10:00 on the morning of May 9, LONAKO employees came to the blood donation site according to the plan, actively cooperated with volunteers, and checked in, medical examination, blood test, waiting, blood drawing ... All processes were in the staff and volunteer The coordinators proceeded in an orderly manner, and volunteers from the park also provided snacks such as milk and bread. Although most of the employees donated blood for the first time, they were not nervous or frightened at all. Everyone said that it is very meaningful to participate in such activities. They use practical actions to contribute to social welfare and blood donation.

This blood donation activity not only fully embodies the spirit of LONAKO employees to help each other, care about the society, but also demonstrates the good spirit of LONAKO employees' social responsibility and selfless dedication. We hope that more people can join the ranks of charity activities that donate blood and love, make the world a better place!

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