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Documentary of LONAKO fight COVID-19 and April Hiking activity

Documentary of LONAKO fight COVID-19 and April Hiking activity
Apr 13 ,2020

By the end of March 2020,with more and more region have zero new case increasing at whole china  and the announcement of Wuhan unlocking on April 8. China has successfully defeated the virus at first half of the combat against the COVID-19 epidemic. But the victory was not easy. There are numerous medical staff risk their lives to saving people, and also countless ordinary people playing their part such as self-isolation.

As a minor size company, LONAKO tried our best to play our part during this special combat. We strictly perform the government regulations and take all the pre-caution protection measurements. All employees of the company work hard together to overcome the serious problems caused by the pandemic such as "labor force shortage, difficulty in recruiting workers, and delay in raw material supply". And worked overtime for two months to ensure all production of our open orders completed on time. Just like our common goal ”Fight the virus and ensure economics activities at the same time”

Unfortunately, just after china contained the situation. COVID-19 pandemic began to explode globally. And the global economic crisis is in the front door of everyone. We are deeply concerned about friends and customers from all over the world. Under this tough situation, we felt deeply concern to our friends and clients all over the world. To show our support and encourage, we recorded an special MV of "God Bless China" to record our daily work under precaution protection during the COVID-19 was attacking China. May it pass you a little positive energy and hope! STAY STRONG, WHEN PEOPLE DETERMINED, THEY CAN OVERCOME ANYTHING.

After 2 months of overload working, by the end of March, as the epidemic in China gradually came under control, Xiamen city's park and other outdoor activities are opening. LONAKO organized a company team building hiking activity on April 3. May it encourage everyone cherish their health and focus on daily exercise after experiencing the epidemic!

This event was held at "Xiamen Mountains to the Sea Trail". We have divided into 6 groups, the whole hiking journey is more than 10 kilometers, which lasted more than 2 hours. The scenery is beautiful, all of us are refreshing and relaxing. Attach a photo of this event.

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