Chorus activity for 70th anniversary of the founding of the People's Republic of China

Chorus activity for 70th anniversary of the founding of the People's Republic of China
Oct 01 ,2019

To celebrate the 70th anniversary of the founding of the People's Republic of China. And in order to enhance the sense of participation of all employees in this national ceremony and fully express our patriotic feelings. “Xiamen Lonako Industry and Trade Co., Ltd.” and “Xiamen National High-tech Pioneering Park Center” jointly decided to host the “Singing the Motherland” chorus activity. Fully express our love of the motherland with youthful passion, and show the entrepreneur’s hard work and high-spirit by singing. The event also received positive and corresponding support from other companies from the park.

Even we only make this decision one day earlier and left us very limit of time for preparation. Thanks to our colleague`s hard working, the event went smoothly on September 30, 2019. At 14:30 in the afternoon, the employees of the companies from the Pioneer Park wore the different color uniform, with a bright five-star red flag by their hand gathering to the Pioneer Park Square. The red national flags were on display and the flags were fluttering. Everyone was passionate and gathered together. First of all, Mr. Li Chunfu, the deputy general manager of the Pioneering Park Center, delivered an opening speech on behalf of the park and participated companies, expressing the beautiful wishes for the 70th anniversary of the P.R.China , and emphasizing the sense of responsibility and the role of the entrepreneurs.

After the opening speech, the chorus event officially began. Under the professional piano accompaniment and command of conductor, the LONAKO choirs sang a classic repertoire, "Don't Forget the Initial Heart" and "God Bless China". In the soulful and passionate song, sang as a Chinese person. Full of pride. Everyone's heart is ups and downs with the music, the scene is climax, the atmosphere is warm, and there is always a strong unity and struggle.

Later, the Lonako choirs performing the familiar " Me and my beloved country " and " A Hymn to the motherland ". Everyone's full and enthusiastic singing infected all the participants on the scene. Everyone waved the national flag and joined the chorus to singing. Use the song to express theirs love of our motherland. Everyone sincerely wishes China to be more prosperously and stronger!

Finally, the "Singing the Motherland" chorus was successfully concluded in the sound of everyone`s Shouting in unison "I love you, China ! "

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