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Choose LONAKO, Choose Safety

Choose LONAKO, Choose Safety
Jun 28 ,2018

LONAKO have obtained the patent of 180°light angle LED since 2008 and used it to develop a series of SOLAS lifesaving lights in succession. We are the first designer, manufacturer and seller of SOLAS life saving lights adopted LED in China and the professional pioneer of new technology in the field of international marine market as well known.


Recent years, we found many lifejacket lights in market imitated our lights. It is hard to stand up our rights of patent or innovation in China. But the most frightening thing is that the performances of them cannot completely meet SOLAS regulations after we tested one after another. We think that we have the responsibility to remind the professional buyers. Please just make some simple tests as below, you should know the lights in your hand qualified or not.


1) Watertightness Test.

Immerse the lifejacket lights into water to the depth of about 300mm for 24H according to MSC81.(70). After the water-tightness test, the lifejacket light should function and there should be no evidence of water inside light. All LONAKO lifejacket lights have been tested the water tightness by special procedure and ensure completely waterproof.

2) 2m Light Drop Test.

Drop the lifejacket light at least 5 times from a height of 2m onto a rigidly concrete surface, and then inspect the light which should not suffer damage and function fine. Then put the lights into water for 1h and check if it is waterproof. All LONAKO lifejacket lights with lithium battery can suffer at least 10 times drop and lights with alkaline battery can suffer at least 5 times drop. After drop and watertight test, all the performances function well as same as new.

3) Working Time Test.

It is no problem for most of lifejacket lights to work at least 8h under room temperature. But it is hard for buyers to know if the light intensity of upper hemisphere of light can be over 0.75cd at least 8h at -1℃. So please put the lights into the ice water close to 0℃and test the activation and working time. It is easy to find many problems. All LONAKO lifejacket lights with lithium battery can ensure that the effective working time over 0.75cd is at least 20h and light with alkaline batteries is at least 14h at -1.


As a famous and responsible manufacturer in international market, the cumulative sellingquantity of LONAKO lifesaving lights have reached 3,000,000 PCS and covered more than 40 countries. We get the good reputation from many excellent customers which always trust us and our products.


Choose LONAKO, Choose Safety.

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