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Basketball friendly match to Celebrate 70th P.R.China anniversary

Basketball friendly match to Celebrate 70th P.R.China anniversary
Sep 25 ,2019
In order to celebrate the 70th Anniversary of the People's Republic of China, LONAKO company basketball team organized a friendly basketball game with our neighbor company Xicheng and Badou. 
The game held as scheduled on September 20, 2019,  LONAKO team  VS  Xicheng、Badou united team.
With the whistle of the referee, the friendly match began. The game was divided into two stages, and the players from both sides quickly entered the state. Everyone's passion is high, and they have launched a round of passing, pitching, rebounding, and defensive. The excellent cooperation and quick defense of the players have created a tense and exciting atmosphere on the court. The cheerleading team cheered for the players on the field.
The basketball friendly match fully embodies the spirit of "friendship first, competition second", which not only allows employees to relax and feel the collective strength and warmth after work; more importantly, promotes the neighboring units.

 This match promote employees unite, cooperate, and harmony between companies. Further enrich the life of the company's employees, enhance teamwork and company cohesion, and provide a platform for companies to display and communicate, and promote exchanges between employees.

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