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2019 LONAKO Anually Mid-year Vacation

2019 LONAKO Anually Mid-year Vacation
Sep 09 ,2019
The 2019 LONAKO annual mid-year holiday has started again! This year company annual vacation is from August 12th to August 25th, for a total of 14 days. For team-building purpose and In order to enrich everyone's cultural life, at the beginning of this vacation, the company specially organized the "Two Days Tour of Yushan Island & Taimu Mountain Camping".
On the morning of August 12th, we were excited to go to Yushan Island, one of China's top ten most beautiful islands. In the Tianhu Scenic Area, you can see the beautiful scenery of the sea and the lake, and enjoy the unique freshwater lake at Tianhu Lake. We enjoyed the spectacular sea grasslands

After visiting the Tianhu Lake, where the mountains and rivers are clear and the grass grows, we came to the campsite at night, the beautiful Moon Bay. Some of them are playing beach volleyball, some are playing at the beach, some are preparing for the evening bonfire party, We have organized a small fishing group go fishing on the open sea by a fishing boat, and our hard working fishing group bring us extra delicious seafood on dinner table......

In the evening, the company arranged a series of exciting activities such as barbecue, bonfire party, singing competition, you play me guess, concerted relay, and joint ballooning. The employees fully played the spirit of teamwork and completed all the competitions. Everyone gathered together to enjoy the local specialties, which invisibly increased the feelings among colleagues and improved the tacit understanding of the people and the cohesiveness of the team.
With joy and singing, interactive games let us burn youth and release passion!

The next day we left the beautiful island and heading to the next destination--Taimu Mountain. Taimu Mountain is known as the “mountain sea view” and “sea fairy”. It is a national 5A level scenic spot. When we came to Taimu Mountain, we were completely impressed by the magical work of nature.
Taimu Mountain has three wonders.
The first wonder is that the stone here is different and the image is realistic. It is a wonderful picture, and these are naturally washed through thousands of years of wind and rain, and there is no trace of it.

The second wonder is the long and narrow "first-line sky." The person can only lean sideways inside and touch the stone wall and slowly move the steps. When you walk inside and look up, you can only see a bright line. When everyone passed the "first-line sky", we were very happy and excited. Because we have completed a huge challenge and it is really interesting.

The third wonder is a sea-view path like stepping on the clouds. The sea-view path is built on the cliffs of the Taimu Mountain on the sea, wrapped around the rocks like a belt. The sea-view path is 820 meters long and has an average elevation of 600 meters. Strolling on the path, you can take in the vast scenery of Taimu Mountain, and you can't forget it for a long time.

We all had very happy and exciting experience during the adventure type Taimu mountain hiking.
With a happy mood, we ended our special tour. Everyone go back to their home and started a relaxing annual vacation!
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