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2018 Mid-Autumn Festival Company Activity

2018 Mid-Autumn Festival Company Activity
Sep 21 ,2018

September 24, 2018 is the annual Chinese traditional festival - Mid-Autumn Festival.Every year at this time, the full moon is hanging, symbolizing reunion and perfection. The Chinese will reunite with their families on this day, eat moon cakes and celebrating.

In the southern part of Fujian province, there is a special way of celebrating “Bo bing”, which is an entertainment activity by shaking the dice and competition. Invented by the famous history General "Zheng Chenggong", this activity was originally used to relieve the soldiers' homesickness and boost morale. Later, “Bo bing” was seen as an entertainment activity until today.Nowdays most companies in southern Fujian province held this activity to Create a festive holiday atmosphere for employees and distribute holiday gifts / benefits to their employees at same time.

On the afternoon of September 19th, Lonako organized all employees to hold the “Bo bing” activity in advance. Bring holiday welfare to everyone and create the festive atmosphere of the festival.

The whole event was carried out in an orderly manner in a fierce and festive atmosphere. Through about half an hour to one hour of competition, everyone has wined many holiday gifts !

By this occasion of the Mid-Autumn Festival, Lonako also sincerely wishes our customers and friends to reunite with their family and have a happy holiday!

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