2017 LONAKO Anual Holiday Event -The Trip to Mount Huangshan

2017 LONAKO Anual Holiday Event -The Trip to Mount Huangshan
Jun 28 ,2018

The annual mid - year holiday begins again! In order to fully protect the rights and interests of employees, there are two weeks' vacation in July or August each year since the company established a labor union in 2011. Conventionally, the company will organize a staff trip at the beginning of the vacation.

This year, in order to enhance the sense of belonging and team spirit of employees, also to get relax, Lonako organized staff to travel to Mount Huangshan for a period of three days of leisure trip from August 12th to 14th.  Everyone wore a T-shirt printed Lonako anniversary logo, for this year is a milestone of 15th anniversary since establishment.

The company had prepared the lifejacket light for all of us considering the rainy day with low visibility on the mountain which lighted our road and help recognize our teammates by flashing.

Everyone had a good time in this journey, laughing and talking all the way. This trip fully demonstrated that we are the best team full of teamwork and love!

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