By end of June 2021, with the MED certificates finally got approved. We have completed the development of new LED type Lifeboat lights (Internal and external). And we are pleased to announce it is now officially launching in the market and available for purchasing.

LNK-LBL series LED lifeboat light is a professional signal light for marine lifeboats and rescue boats. The products meet the requirements of SOLAS, USCG and CCS regulations and obtain relevant certification. The products adopt high-brightness LED light source, it also have the advantages of modern appearance, durable, excellent performance and -52℃ polar low temperature resistance. The product is supplied by DC 12 / 24V power and controlled by switch through the input cable. Once activated it will providing corresponding light indication signal for lifeboat. The functional uses of different models are as follows:
--LNK-LBL1 exterior lifeboat light is installed on the top of lifeboat / rescue boat. When the light turned on, it will continuously output flashing white light signal with light intensity >4.3cd to indicate the position of lifeboat / rescue boat;
--LNK-LBL2 internal lifeboat light is installed in the lifeboat cabin. When the light turned on, it will emit a constant light with average light intensity >0.5cd for reading the instructions of lifesaving appliances.
With the release of this series of product, Lonako lifesaving signal light product range have covered almost all the SOLAS lifesaving appliances.
For more detail please visit the product page as follow or contact our sales rep.